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Eyram Tawia

Eyram is the co-founder and CEO of Leti Arts. As a game developer, Eyram believes that Africa can make a salient contribution to the world of game development and preserve culture through this. He has pioneered developing the gaming industry in Africa with Leti Arts. Eyram believes preserving cultural diversity through gaming and entertainment is very important and aims to prove this by creating world class games and comics using African talent. He is convinced that Africa will make a salient contribution to the world of gamification.

What you will learn in this course

You will study the following disciplines in Game Design

  • Composition of Games • Fundamental blocks of game design (Arts vs. Science) • The Why, Who, How & What of game design

  • Team composition and structure

  • You will start your own game project

  • Introduction to the GDD (Game Design Document)

  • A step by step guide to developing your GDD -Like Enjoy Change: Guiding principles to design

  • Prototyping and iterating

Course Pricing

CPED Technology: Software Development: Understanding Game Design and Development - $24.95 (2 weeks)

Lets get gaming!

If you love games and wonder how to make them but feel its too technical, this is the course to demystify that myth

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  • Can I join anytime?

    Yes you can! The content is there for you to learn and progress at your won pace.

  • Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate for each 2 week segment of the course from the BlueCrest University College CPED.

  • Do you offer institutional Pricing?

    Yep! We offer discounted prices for institutions and groups. Please contact for details