Course curriculum

  • 3

    Module one - Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

    • SDLC - Course Summary

    • SDLC - intro

    • Feasibility

    • Feasibility Quiz

    • Software Specification pt1

    • Software specification pt-2

    • Architecture

    • Development-Process

    • Software-Testing

    • Deployment

    • Maintenance

    • software_development_life_cycle

    • Software Architecture Exercise

    • Feasibility Exercise - 30 mins

  • 4

    Module two - Product Design

    • Vision-Strategy

    • Product Research

    • User-Analysis

    • Ideation

    • Product design quiz

    • Course Material

    • Exercise 1hr

    • Course Summary

  • 5

    Module three - Go to market strategy

    • Go-to-market strategy - Course Summary

    • Go-To-Market-Strategy PT-1

    • Go-To-Market-Strategy PT-2

    • Go-To-Market-Strategy PT-3

    • Course Material - Slides

    • Assignment

    • Sales conversion template

    • Smart marketing goals

    • Social media content calendar

    • Monthly-Marketing-Reporting-Excel-Template-HubSpot.xls - How to Use This TemplateMonthly-Marketing-Reporting

    • Inbound_marketing_traffic_and_leads_calculator(1).xlsx - Calculator

Benefits from taking the course

Here is what you can expect to learn from the course

  • Software development best practices

  • Fundamentals of software development lifecycles and how to implement them during development

  • How to create a software specification requirement document

  • The key component of product release from development to market launch

  • How to launch a product to the market

  • How to create a marketing strategy for software projects

  • How to measure software marketing success

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Course Overview

Your Instructor

CPED Instructor

Clement Udensi

Clement is a full-stack JavaScript developer whose passion for software development is driven by the need to create scalable software solutions that solve real-life problems. He has years of experience building production-ready apps working with major JavaScript stacks and cloud infrastructure technologies.

Course Pricing

CPED Technology: Business of Software Development - $29.95 (3 weeks)

Software Development

The business of building software products


  • Can I join anytime?

    Yes you can! The content is there for you to learn and progress at your won pace.

  • Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate for each 2 week segment of the course from the BlueCrest University College CPED.

  • Do you offer institutional Pricing?

    Yep! We offer discounted prices for institutions and groups. Please contact for details

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