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    • Dormenyo Intro-1

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    Module One

    • Dormenyo_FRENCH_01

    • FRENCH_02

    • French Lesson 3

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    Module Two

    • French Lesson 4

    • French Lesson 5

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    Module Three

    • French Lesson 6

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    Study Materials and extras

    • Conversations_ Beginning Conversational French

    • Knowledge Check _ Beginning Conversational French

    • Conversations_ Beginning Conversational French

    • References_ Beginning Conversational French

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Course Intro


CPED Instructor

Dormenyo Anaglate

Dormenyo Anaglate is a passionate researcher, language consultant, and French teacher & lecturer with over 12 years of practical experience in West Africa and Europe.

What Students will benefit from the course

This course offers several benefits to any student who choose to take this course. They are many benefits but a few of them are highlighted below

  • The ability to speak French is an advantage for finding a job with many multinational companies.

  • The ability to speak a little French makes it more enjoyable to travel around.

  • The ability to understand French provides access to an alternative view of the world.

  • French is the other language of international relations. It's both a working language and an official language for Organisations such the UN, EU and AU.

  • French is fun to learn and a language of love

Course Pricing

CPED Lifestyle: French for communication - $35.99 (3 weeks)

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  • Can I join anytime?

    Yes you can! The content is there for you to learn and progress at your won pace.

  • Are there any quizzes to check my progress?

    Yes, there are 2 quizzes after every 2 videos in this course.

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate for each completed segment of the course from the BlueCrest University College CPED.

  • Do you have institutional pricing?

    Yep! We offer discounted prices for institutions and groups. Please contact for details

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