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    Weekly Online Classes

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    Module #1

    • Week 1 - CPED Event Mgt - Planning Events.pptx

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    Module #2

    • Week 2 - CPED Event Mgt - Planning Events.pptx

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    Module #3

    • Week 3 - CPED Event Mgt - Planning Events.pptx

    • Week 3 - CPED Event Mgt - Extra Materials

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    Module #4

    • Week 4 - CPED Event Mgt - Study Links

    • Event Sponsorship

    • week-4-outlook

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    Module #5

    • Week 5 - CPED Events Mgt - Best Practices

    • Week 5 - Extra Materials

    • Events Management Assignment

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    Module #6

    • Assignments

    • Events Management Assignment 2

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    Module #7

    • Week 7 - CPED Events Mgt - Event Staffing

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    Module #8

    • Week 8 - CPED Events Mgt - Event, Communication and Customer Service

    • Exploring industry priorities regarding customer satisfaction and implications for event evaluationD-Space

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    Module #9

    • Risk Management in Event Planning.docx

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    Module #10

    • Case Study (Special Event Management and Event Marketing)

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what students will benefit

  • will be able to identify the key elements of managing an event and the processes involved in venue selection, registration,catering, accommodation, transport,theming,security and entertainment etc

  • One will obtain a sense of responsibility for the multi-disciplinary nature of event management

  • One will be able to identify the best practice in the development and delivery of successful events

  • will be able to identify management essentials such as developing budgets, critical paths, work breakdown structures, risk mitigation and contingency planning

  • will be able identify best practice in the development and delivery of successful conferences and corporate gatherings.


CPED Instructor

Mercy Tetteh

My name is Mercy Tetteh-Mereku. I look forward to being your instructor for the duration of this course. My educational background is in International Business (MSc.) and Economics (BA) from the University of Lincoln UK and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology respectively. I am also a chartered insurer from the Chartered Insurance Institute of UK. My interest in teaching has been a natural progression from my passion for being a student. My earlier role with RICS Consult Ltd. Gh., in the field of Public Relations, Event Services and Event Management has provided me with enough experience and insight as far as event services and events management in concerned. Events Management has become a uniquely rewarding, dynamic and diverse creative industry. On a global basis, demand for increasingly extravagant and elaborate events has led to an enormous spike in demand for qualified and experienced event planners. The course content is therefore designed to centre of topics of relevance which explore contemporary event management strategies. I look forward to teaching you and together let’s work to ensure a positive outcome.

Pricing options

CPED Cert: Event Management - $400.00 (13 weeks)

Event Management

This course aims to introduce students to the theoretical and practical applications of event planning and management.


  • Can I join anytime?

    Yes you can! The content is there for you to learn and progress at your won pace.

  • Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate for each 2 week segment of the course from the BlueCrest University College CPED.

  • Do you offer institutional Pricing?

    Yep! We offer discounted prices for institutions and groups. Please contact for details

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